Well, I suppose an introduction is in order. I should probably let anyone who might happen upon

Apple Picking 2008

Apple Picking 2008

this website know who I am and what I’ve been doing for the past couple decades. My name is Devin Adint and I grew up on the south side of Chicago and attended Luther High School South where I graduated as valedictorian in 1991. I then went on to Judson College where I started out on a two year pre-engineering degree. My goal was to get a degree in engineering, maybe join the Air Force and then join Mission Aviation. But God had other ideas and my degree changed to Computer Science. After I left Judson I started working for Pepsi as a network and Unix Administrator. I got married September 7th, 1996 it has been a wonderful 12 years of marriage. I left Pepsi about four years later and started working for ABN AMRO as a System Administrator and Performance Capacity Service Manager. At the same time we bought our first house in DesPlaines. We had our first child Nolan in 2002 after three years of difficulty. Then in 2004 we moved into our second house and had our second child, Rayna. I was then outsourced in 2005 to IBM and am now working for IBM as a Storage Technical Lead, Component Architect. I have more then a dozen storage analysts working under my direction at this time. The account I am working on is winding down and I am looking to move into a storage architect role. In 2007 we had our third child, Micah and we moved to Park Ridge.

The acount I was supporting was sold and I moved to supporting Bank of America in 2008 and then Royal Bank of Scotland in 2009. In 2009 my storage team was merged with about a dozen other account for which I became the technical lead. I then moved from storage to Systems Architecture supporting Financial Services accounts at the end of 2009 when storage support was being restructured and centralized. In 2013 I received IBM Infrastructure Architect certification recognized by opengroup.org.

I have been working in Information Technology now for more then 20 years having taken on roles as a Mainframe Operator, Desktop Support Engineer, Network Administrator, Unix System Administrator, Performance and Capacity Service Admin, Storage Team Lead, Storage Architect and Server Infrastructure Architect. I have worked in organizations ranging from small service companies to medium sized consumer product companies to large global enterprises in the Financial Services sector. This broad range of experiences has helped to develop a comprehensive set of skills and perspectives on Information Technology best practices and organization. The articles in this blog will focus on the perspectives and experiences I have developed over the years.

(I suppose I will keep updating this as life goes on…)

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